Publications and talks

Research Articles

‘Conservative attitudes to old-established organs: Oliver Lodge and Philosophical Magazine’ (co-authored with James Mussell), Notes and Records of the Royal Society (2015)

‘The Gatekeepers of Modern Physics: Periodicals and Peer Review in 1920s Britain’Isis (2015) [PDF]

‘How to manage a revolution: Isaac Newton in the twentieth century’Notes and Records of the Royal Society (2014)


A History of the Electron: J. J. and G. P. Thomson‘, International Studies in the Philosophy of Science, 2013, 27:104-107

Niels Bohr and the Quantum Atom‘, Nuncius, 2013, 28: 511-512


PhD thesis: Negotiating Progress: Promoting ‘modern’ physics in Britain, 1900-1940 (University of Manchester, 2012)
Full text available at Manchester eScholar
Read about it at Dissertation Reviews

MA dissertation: Molecular Biology and its Publics: the case of Astbury at Leeds (University of Leeds, 2008)
PDF available from me



The ether at the crossroads of classical and modern physics
The lure of the ether, University of Oxford


Looking beyond the ‘Modernists’: Sir Oliver Lodge and the Public Face of 1920s Physics’
Civic Science: Oliver Lodge, Physics, and the Modern University, University of Birmingham

’Relationships of trust and positions of influence: promoting ‘modern’ physics in the professional and public realms of 1920s Britain’
International Congress of History of Science, Technology and Medicine, University of Manchester

‘Rescuing Newton: the careful management of a revolution in science’
in:flux 1845-1945: A Century in Motion, University of Birmingham


Atom Tracks and Very Low Temperatures: the Science Museum and modern physics in the 1930s
CHSTM, University of Manchester


‘Newton Overthrown’: The canonisations of classical and modern physics
Scientific Canons (British Society for Literature and Science), University of East Anglia

‘A Conservative Attitude’? Continuity, discontinuity and the contested rise of ‘modern physics’
British Society for the History of Science Annual Conference, University of Exeter
Continuity and Discontinuity in the Physical Sciences since the Enlightenment, Centre for History of Physics, American Institute of Physics

The Construction and Destruction of ‘Classical Physics’
CHSTM, University of Manchester


‘Negotiating `Progress’: Promoting `modern’ physics in Britain 1900-1940’
CHSTM, University of Manchester