Here are various things I did for fun that I suppose could now come under the banner of ‘outreach’.


I wrote a play about the history and philosophy of science (sort of). It features an evil Karl Popper, schoolboy Isaac Newton, and some beatnik relativists. It was performed with puppets at the Brighton Fringe in 2012. You can find out more information on our puppet website or read my write up on page 7 of Viewpoint No. 99.

We got one glowing review, one good review, and one quite bad reviewWe also won an award, albeit with no monetary value or physical presence. And the play was described by one audience member as “the finest puppet show I can imagine”.

William Astbury

An online learning resource about William Astbury (1898-1961), a physicist/biologist/X-ray crystallographer. I made this for the HPS department at Leeds University in 2007.

Other things

Here is something I wrote for a friend’s blog – a critique of the BBC3 show Snog, Marry Avoid from the perspective of a historian of science. It is not to be taken entirely seriously.